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As advisers, we spend most of our time helping clients create wealth. In addition, these days more and more clients will inherit wealth. Surely then it is vital that they know how best to protect this wealth for their children and grandchildren.

At The Asset Protection Strategy, we have created a straightforward way of explaining the risks that effect the majority of clients - both in their lifetime and after they’ve gone. We have effectively demystified Wills and Trusts for clients. This valuable additional client service doesn’t require you to be a legal expert though and Wills & Trusts are not regulated by the FSA. However, you certainly do not need to write Wills & Trusts yourself as we introduce you to tax & trust specialists who are recognised experts in the field. These specialists are responsible for their advice in creating bespoke Asset Protection solutions for your client; they prepare the documentation and they hold the advice risk and the Professional Indemnity cover.

In summary, you can join hundreds of Financial Services business owners who are already benefiting from this new revenue stream. We will show you how to increase your standing with clients, create a real extra income stream and increase your protection & lump sum investment sales.

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