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One of the most precious gifts that you can give your children is to plan your estate. You've worked hard for everything that you have, this is why it is essential to make sure your assets are protected and that your loved ones, not the IRS, receive a large portion of what you leave behind. With a few simple steps and a little initiative, we can help you save your loved ones from the inconvenience and added expense of reclaiming your assets.
We Follow Six Steps to Guarantee Your Peace of Mind
Initially we meet with you to review your concerns and future needs. We also determine if your current estate plan will truly accomplish your goals.

  • Next, we will evaluate your situation by looking at your current and future expenses, determine what assets are unprotected, and help you discover what could be changed to better protect yourself.
  • After a full review has been completed, we will thoroughly explain to you what we feel your best options are. We will be open to any future plans you may have, as well as your objectives.
  • We will then go over the review once again to ensure that you understand the reasons behind our recommendations and that they correspond with your intentions.
  • Next, we will put this new plan into action together.
  • Finally, we will continue to stay in contact with you to ensure that you are still fully confident in your plans and that your goals have not changed.
  • What will be Your Legacy?

    There are many aspects of your estate and financial future to consider. For your convenience, we offer the following services:

    • Estate Preservation
    • 401K Transfers
    • IRA Beneficiary Planning
    • Retirement Planning

    We meet with most families in the privacy of their homes, however office hours available by appointment. Times are uncertain. Institutions we have counted on sometimes fail to disclose the complete factual information that affects our estates. You need truthful expert guidance.
    Don't let the burden of probate or high taxes plague your family as it has so many others, including my own.



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