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Our equity solutions team is devoted to help our clients raise equity funds or sell their equity to a financial or strategic investor. In order to facilitate this, one needs an advisor who can scan the entire array of possible resources and bring in an independent view on what's best for the company. Our core team along with the support of other functional teams offers a complete suite of equity solutions that includes advice on mergers & acquisitions, private equity, divestitures & LBOs (Leveraged Buyouts).
Our equity solutions are broadly classified under two categories
(a) Investment Solutions (b) Strategic Solutions

private equity

 Investment Solutions
Our hands-on and knowledge based approach to the financial and investing markets enables our team to develop a deep understanding of private equity and venture capital funds. Leveraging this, we provide objective and unbiased advice on growth capital, capital restructuring, buyouts and any other situation specific requirements to our clients. Regardless of the situation, we always tell our clients what we think   is in their best interest. The client could be the management team, private equity     house or exiting vendor. Equity investment transactions can be complex, with a number of moving parts. This is the reason why we support our clients through each and
every stage of a business deal.
Strategic Solutions

A merger or an acquisition can prove to be immensely beneficial or entirely destructive for any establishment. Hence, each stage of the transaction process requires the   accurate knowledge and skill to ensure optimal decision making. AMG's merger  & acquisition ractitioners have been successfully advising clients in this   field for several years. This allows us to provide an independent & insightful  support at each stage of any merger or acquisition process.


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