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We begin the business succession planning process by putting in writing what you visualize as the optimum scenario for you and your company. We support this scenario with financial projections validating that you will have the financial resources to still comfortably lead the lifestyle you desire. We will explore a variety of options (and there are many options) along with their risks, to determine which one you find the most comfortable. We then document the financial projections and action steps that support your business succession plan. We'll work closely with you to implement the plan and periodically review and rework it when necessary. Together, we'll take the goals you desire and realign it to create and implement a plan that works for you.

To build the business you have today, you've invested years of your life and the majority of your financial resources. But sooner or later, someone other than you will own or run your business. Perhaps you will transfer your farm or business to a family member. Maybe, you want to sell to a promising employee or an outside investor. Whichever path you choose, you have a lot to consider and may feel overwhelmed. Remember, succession planning is a long-term process, not a one-time event. Before you make any decisions, the most important step in this process is finding the right advisor to work with.

  • Developing Your Vision and Objectives

  • Preparing Tax and Estate Plans

  • Business Valuation

  • Retirement Planning

  • Value Enhancement Plan

  • Governance Structure

  • Retention of Employees

Converting equity in a closely held business into a diversified investment portfolio that will support your lifestyle for the remainder of your life. Transferring control to others without taking unnecessary financial risk Creating the appropriate balance between financial opportunity for you and other family members Making the appropriate decisions for the future of the company, your employees, your family, and you—with the least amount of emotional wear and tear Balancing estate tax reduction (by gifting to family members) with retaining enough capital to fund your retirement



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